precious corner : Bourbon's great masters

This photo was taken at "Whiskey Lovers Nagoya 2017" held on 22nd January this year.

From the right,

Mr. Tatsumi Seiichiro from “ROGIN’s TAVERN”

Mr. Hideo Kudo from ''Tohnen''

Mr. Fumio Gou from “Bourbon Bar ANKI”

Mr. Takuo Ishida from “GEMOR.”

It’s so rare to see this four LEGEND together.

The booth of the big four Bourbon BAR in Japan which was very popular last year is also appearing this year.

You can not miss out on this opportunity to visit them:D 

Let me introduce these four bourbon bars a little bit more.

/ Bourbon Whisky Specialty Store ''Tohnen''

The pioneer of bourbon whiskey, which has been leading the Japanese bourbon industry for half a century


A lot of 'Rogin' fans gathered from across the country to the gorgeous 40th anniversary party.


A 5 minutes walk from the Toyohashi station on the Tokaido Shinkansen. Willetts line up the back bar and are waiting for you.

/Bourbon Bar ANKI

Nagoya’s famous bourbon bar. Also, Bourbon Bar ANKI is also a leader in the Japanese bourbon scene.

These four stores will ONLY exhibit at Whiskey Lovers Nagoya.

It is a premium bourbon whiskey corner that you absolutely cannot miss out if you want to know everything about rare, old and current bourbon whiskeys.

Please drop by this special booth :)

There are limited number of tickets available.

If you have not gotten one, please purchase with the following ticket service.

Ticket Pia Please link the following URL.

Discounted early bird tickets are now available. 3000 limited.

*Please note that there is no ticket available on the door once the early bird ticket sells 3000. It would be better if you could purchase tickets in advance, with "Ticket Pia", or ask the shops you know.

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Whisk(e)y Lovers NAGOYA

名古屋での開催が4回目となる、ウイスキーの祭典『ウイスキーラバーズ名古屋2020』 Whisk(e)y Lovers. 文字通り、 ウイスキーラバーのための ウイスキーラバーがつくる ウイスキーラバーの祭典です。 人と人 人とウイスキー 新しい発見と出会いに満ちたウイスキーイベントを目指しています。 2020年は1月19日(日曜日)に吹上ホールにて開催!


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