Deep Whisk(e)y Lover Booth

Whisk(e)y Lovers Nagoya is the first whisky festival of the year in Japan.

Whisk(e)y Lovers Nagoya 2018 is approaching next month.

I would like to introduce some Whisk(e)y Lovers Booths.


Deep Whisky(e) Lover Booth

This is the booth for Collectors, geek & Malt Bar etc.



from TOKYO


Y’s Land Bar IAN


Yamaoka Bar

Malt bar South Park

Highlander Inn Tokyo


From the Tokyo area,

Mr. Yokoya from from Nihonbashi “Y’s Land Bar IAN”, Mr. Iwasa from Ogikubo Malt Club and Mr. Yamaoka Hideo, whisky critic, will participate in the event. Also from this year, “Malt bar South Park” and “Highlander Inn Tokyo” will be also participated.

Highlander Inn Tokyo…. It is a sister shop of the [Highlander Inn] from the Scotland Craigellachie B&B with Whisky.





Bar Rosebank



Kansai Dame Dame Dan

BAR Kurose 


From the Kyoto,Osaka,Kobe area, all of them are new comer!

"BAR K6" who is well known and contributes to the development of malt whisky & whisky culture in Kyoto.

Also Mr. Nakamura from “Bar Rosebank”, Mr. Murakami from “BAR MINMORE HOUSE” who received "Speyside Malt Master 2017", “BAR PARKMORE” from malt bar at Sonezaki and Deep Whisky Lover “Kansai Dame Dame Dan”.

And from Kobe "BAR Kurose" will be participating as a “Team Kobe” on behalf of Kobe area.


Bar Kitchen

Issin’s collection

Tsuji Bar

From the Fukuoka area,

Continue from last year Mr. Oka from “Bar Kitchen” will participate. He said “ I will bring Ichiro’s malt”. Please go and meet this lovely smile gentleman.

The other two are individual whisky collectors, let’s wait and see what’s there. Some people may know already:D


BAR Yocchi

Bar finch


BAR Hongoyasan

Cafe & Malt Bar Orkney

Whiskey fan club Nagoya



Scotch & Beer Barley

We are the Chubu area,

Mr. Furukawa from “Bar Yocchi” and Mr. Fujioka from “Bar finch” are both executive members of this event and working closely with the deep lover booth owners which increased a lot this year.

Mr. Duke's is a general whisky collector.

“Bar Hongoyasan” which has a store in Hongo station at subway Higashiyama line, has a rich selection of Japanese whiskies. This year's booth may be further upgraded than 2017!!

“Cafe & Malt Bar Orkney” has a store in Tokai City next to Nagoya City. They regularly hold malt events to contribute to the development of local whisky.

“Whiskey fan club Nagoya” is a collector from Nagoya, but the collection of Bourbon seems TOO MUCH, so this time they are expanded to 2 booths for collected bourbon and scotch.

“Bar CASK” is a bar near Nittai-ji along the Nagoya subway Higashiyama line. In the shop there are original whisky casks barreled by Mr. Ito, the owner of the store. At the event, he will bring the original whisky casks which is ready by January. He will serve the whisky one by one from the cask. Sounds super interesting!

Also I am proud to announce Mr. Horiuchi of Matsumoto Nagano Prefecture's famous bar "MAHOROBI" will be in the event. It is the representative Malt bar that enters the milestone of 40th anniversary from this month.

Mr. Horiuchi, the owner, is a world-class researcher of Lost Distillery and he traveling through Scotland. It might be a good idea to have a chat with him with lovely whisky at the booth.

And we can not forget about Mr. Ito from “Scotch & Beer Barley”. Mr. Ito is one of the contributors who helped develop the whisky culture of Nagoya, such as holding the Society Whisky event in Nagoya for the first time.

He is decided to close the shop in 2019, and it will be the first and last participation. Please enjoy his recommended whisky with his lovely smile.

Whisky lovers booths are increased a lot more than last year and powered up!

What do you think?

You can not wait till January?

You worry about your whisky budget?

All the booths are too attractive, isn’t it?

Just watching them is also fun. But definitely you can not leave them alone!XD


Discounted early bird tickets are now available. 3000 limited.

*Please note that there is no ticket available on the door once the early bird ticket sells 3000. It would be better if you could purchase tickets in advance, with "Ticket Pia", or ask the shops you know.


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thank you!!!!!!

Whisk(e)y Lovers NAGOYA

名古屋での開催が4回目となる、ウイスキーの祭典『ウイスキーラバーズ名古屋2020』 Whisk(e)y Lovers. 文字通り、 ウイスキーラバーのための ウイスキーラバーがつくる ウイスキーラバーの祭典です。 人と人 人とウイスキー 新しい発見と出会いに満ちたウイスキーイベントを目指しています。 2020年は1月19日(日曜日)に吹上ホールにて開催!


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